Executive Level Sales Outsourcing Service was developed with the idea to promote sales to companies. Too often companies do not have the expertise to hire, train and manage a sales force.
Without a strong proven sales leader in control, sales tend to spike and fall. Sales Representatives are changing quickly and sales are faltering. Clients are not getting the service and support they deserve and are lacking a positive relationship with the company. Bottom line, the numbers do not look good. What do you do? Continue the sales saga, hire and fire more reps or look at another strategy.

This is where ELsos® comes in. We are seasoned sales personnel who know how to work the sales cycle. We take our years of sales experience and put it to work for you. You pay for sales, not training grounds, learning curves, and experience enhancements.

ELsos® will work with you to create the right sales environment, have the correct amount of sales time, design a true bonus/commission program and all for less than what you would pay to have a direct sales force today. All this without the hassles of hiring reps and worrying about benefits, pay programs and incentives.

Call us today and we can set up an appointment to discuss how ELsos® can help you today to bring in sales tomorrow.