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Small Business

Small Business is a web site designed to help businesses collect on outstanding accounts receivables.

Global Analytics

Global is the premier modeling and analytical company that will take your data and build it into a custom model. Improve your productivity by double digits while reducing your costs. We utilize the most advanced analytical tools with the brightest minds to create you a custom model all at a fraction of the cost of other scoring companies. Contact us today for a free intitial consultation on how we can improve your productivity right away!

Insight America

Insight America combines speed flexibility and enhanced analytics to provide a unique tool for locating debtors.


Bridgeforce is the premier consulting firm in the credit and collections marketplace. Bridgeforce works with credit grantors and agencies to create a complete assessment of a company and its business process. From improving collection rates, credit card activation and marketing to security assessments, Bridgeforce can help a company reduce costs while improving productivity

Tritium Card Services

Tritium Card Services is a full service skip tracing company, that offers complete skip tracing services for companies trying to locate consumers

Cymtec Systems

Cymtec Systems develops and markets Internet security solutions for government, enterprise, mid-market and small business customers. Its flagship product, CNS, is a network-based intrusion detection solution which DEPLOYS in under 30 minutes, is SIMPLE to operate and MAINTENANCE-free, and provides SECURITY INTELLIGENCE in the form of an information-rich user interface.


NSTN is a trusted source and leading provider of information.Through the identification, retrieval, analysis and delivery of data, NSTN serves the information needs of businesses of all sizes and industry. NSTN was founded with the vision of developing unique and creative solutions. Its pioneering philosophy has proven successful in helping NSTN build a reputation as a sophisticated data solutions company.

eLogic Learning

eLogic Learning provides end-to-end learning management applications that achieve measurable business results for your company. Our solutions provide the platform from which you can effectively and efficiently train, educate, manage and collaborate throughout your entire organization.


A leading global provider of discount telecom services since 1995
Cognigen Online

Consumer Credit Counseling Services

A national non-profit organization dedicated to helping consumers get out of debt.

Advanced Business TeleServices

A business to business and business to consumer call center offering complete teleservices.

Millenium Teleservices

A leading provider of integrated e-commerce and direct marketing solutions.

Austin Logistics

Who, When and Where to call through custom modeling

Edge Teleservices

A California firm that has been providing outbound and blended inbound/outbound calling services for major firms since 1987.

PurMedia, Inc.

PurMedia, Inc. (pronounced Pure Media) provides individually tailored creative and technology solutions to a wide variety of companies and corporations.

Makai Technologies Corporation

Makai Technologies Corporation provides innovative, personalized solutions for a broad spectrum of business applications.


From acquisition and renewals to electronic payment and account recovery, now your customers and prospects can do business with you directly from the email you send to them. No need to herd them through their browser to the web - just give them the most efficient response device in the industry: a Transactis transaction enabled HTML email.

Sentinel Development Solutions

Sentinel Development Solutions provides superior software solutions for the financial services industry. Our products and services are characterized by Internet-ready, scalable, Windows-based client/server architectures that are easily customized and maintained.

TCN Broadcasting

The built in smart features of TCN Broadcasting are more effective than traditional forms of contacting your potential and existing customers/clients

Zume Design

Zume Design works with you to create and present your company professionally. We will design a program that fits yout marketing needs with your marketing budget.

DRN Commerce

DRN Commerce has developed powerful proprietary database software that provides companies with the ability to communicate and collaborate with their outside service providers.

First Detroit Corporation

Complete international coverage of debt industry quarterly financial reports, mergers and acquisitions, financing deals, plus much more. Includes bad debt buyer coverage! Subscribers receive a competitive edge with insider scoops and expert analysis.


Cybersoft is an IT-Enabler Software Solutions Developer with rapidly growing business in North and South America. They offer collection software for start up collection agencies with fewer than 10 seats.