Does the size of the company matter?
No, company size makes no difference. Once we have determined the sales strategy, we will set up the program to do the job accordingly. From a start up to a fortune 500, our goal is to have the correct sales program within a company's structure for success.

How soon can a program be up and running?
It depends on the complexity of the program and the learning curve. If your products are basic and very easy to understand six weeks is standard, although expedited programs can be set up if necessary. If the product or service requires complex training, the rollout period can increase.

What will be the cost of the program?
Costs vary with the program, $35-$150 an hour plus expenses are standard depending on the complexity, what type of person is calling on the client, via phone, or in person, etc. Most of the time, costs are significantly less expensive than doing the work internally.

How long or short can the program run?
Programs can run as short as six months or as long as many years. Once sales cycles have been determined then budgets, productivity, and commission plans can be put in place.

Can the program be changed during the process?
We expect there to be changes throughout the program. The client feedback, sales cycle determination, budget constraints, and productivity can all have a direct effect on the program.

Will our program be exclusive or shared?
Your program will be handled with the best resources available. Sometimes depending on the situation, the sales representatives will offer more than just your service to a perspective client. These products will be either mutually exclusive or conducive to each other. We do not represent two or more competing companies, services, or products to the client. Once we have partnered with you, we represent your services to the client, not your competitors.